Fresh from the PNW

Sunday at the Races

This past weekend I did something that I have not done in years.  Loaded up some friends in the car and headed for the track to watch some racing!   This was the first time since the Indy was in Vancouver that I attended a racing event as a spectator instead of volunteer or photographer and it was a blast.  Walking around the pits with some good friends checking out […]

Team Big (and beautiful) Boy

For Drift Union Invitational I decided to round up some friends and make a team so I could drive.  Since none of my Midnighters Team Mates had working cars it was time to put the word out and make a team of misfits! And that’s what we did…. First up is Roy Teeter, unfortunately he had a “minor” accident with his BMW truck. (130km/h into a wall) so it was […]

RG Dyno Day

Every summer Racing Greed holds a series of Dyno days for customers and enthusiasts to come put down some real numbers and compare them to their friends. First up was this freshly finished Liberty Walk GTR! While waiting for the dyno to get unloaded I took a walk through the parking lot to scope out what showed up. Found this REALLY clean corolla parked outside and I was really hoping […]