Fresh from the PNW

DUM14 - Animations

As most of you know I don’t do much in the way of video so I decided to make a few selections of animated gifs just for fun from the weekend.  

Drift Union Matsuri

Labor Day long weekend always brings some of the best choices for Drifting in North America, from Final Bout in Chicago to PARCFest in Oregon and Drift Union Matsuri in Penticton, BC.  Sadly I can not be three places at once so I chose the one where my Midnighters team mate was finally getting behind the wheel! Joey has been hard at work collecting parts for his KA-T powered S14 […]

Sunday at the Races

This past weekend I did something that I have not done in years.  Loaded up some friends in the car and headed for the track to watch some racing!   This was the first time since the Indy was in Vancouver that I attended a racing event as a spectator instead of volunteer or photographer and it was a blast.  Walking around the pits with some good friends checking out […]