V8 Skyline in Formula D 2011?

One of our long time friends and local skyline idol, Ian Fournier, is making the jump to a VK56 for his FD car… but don’t worry, the 4dr street car will get the RB attention!

On a recent trip down to the FatLace “Paddock” Ian was gifted his new motor from Mark Arcenal. While there seems to be a little controversy surrounding this engine swap, I personalty think this is going to be an excellent move for Ian, instead of focusing on his motor he can now worry about his driving and doing better on the track.

For all of those who still feel like bashing Ian for this move, I want you to read this quote from the DriftSafari website. “ian [Moderator] 3 weeks ago
its just it takes alot of money to get a 25 or 30 or what ever to be competitive enough to keep up with drivers in the top16 and h…igher. so vk will be a cheaper way to consistantly stay up in the top 16 and if some sponsors come and can help me build a competitive rb im all game, still a staight six guy. also if i go v8 then the 25 will go in to my other 4door for amature events :)

As you can see he is still going to be rocking an RB series motor in his other 4 door R32 Skyline, I cant wait to see what he comes up with for that car.





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