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DRIVER: Day>>2013 off season build

Whats up guys! Thought I would get a little blog up about the progress of the s13 chassis throughout winter! Here is how the car looked when I first picked it up last year. .   We started builing the S chassis during 2012, but due to some complications missed half the season and never got to finish the chassis %100. After making the last two rounds of the “driftwest” series, […]

Project 180sx: New Coilovers

Over the past few months I had been noticing that my coilovers were one of the parts of the car that had been holding it back.  Being that they were close to 15 years old…it was time for them to go. I arrived at the shop after work and Tak and Seth (Midnighters team mates) had already replaced the fronts and were working on the rears.  I truly do have […]

Takeshi's 20v Build. Part 1.

As some of you know the midnighters master tech has a project car of his own that never seems to get worked on because he’s always helping his friends out making their cars awesome….. soooo…. Time to force Tak to work on his own car for once! Weighing up the rotating assembly…. again.  He’s done it at least 6 times by this point in the build, but with what this motor has […]

Project 180sx: More Angle

I showed up at Taiyo Auto early afternoon on sunday to get started on adding some more angle to the 180sx.  As I walked in the shop Tak was working on finishing up with my Team mate’s car. Jamie’s car has put down 400whp for the last 100,000km and the head gasket had finally started to show some leakage.  Upon pulling the motor apart we noticed it was warped between […]

Drift Car - Cooling Day

Today was the day I finally got to address my cooling.  Although I’ve never had issues before with it, we knew the rad was getting on it’s last legs after my trip to Penticton it became a little more apparent that it needed to be done sooner rather than later. I opted for the Koyo 3 row Aluminum rad for a few reasons.  I’ve had them in previous cars and […]

BBM Drift Car - Raw

As some of you may have heard I picked up a set of 17×9.5 and 18×10.5 Enkei RPF1’s (from Image In Motion) and some Project Mu Rotors (from the drift car a few weeks back. After a night at Neptune Drift‘s shop trying to mount various sized tires we got some 265/35’s on the rear and did some fender modifying to get them to sit under the car!  I […]

BBM Drift Mobile Seat Install

So I headed over one lovely saturday morning to my team mates shop to get started on the seat install.  Tak and I spent a few minutes planning out the install and what we would have to to do to make this giant seat fit.

Josh's R32 Part 2

Well I know I said in my last posting that this update was coming in the spring, but some much needed work was done to the car a few weeks ago. With the help of some friends I finally lowered the car to non 4×4 height, don”t get me wrong here I am far from slammed but it is good enough till I get some new coilovers. The day started […]

350z Dual Rear Caliper Build

It all started with Big Foot Bash, for the first time we were trying the reverse course at Evergreen and my first time at Pacific GP. 

Josh's R32 GTS-T part 1

I get asked a fair bit about what I drive, and decided this was a good way to show our viewers not only what I drive but allow you guys to follow along as more happens to this car.  I own an R32 Skyline GTS-T, I’ve had this car since Feb 08 and its been a love hate relationship since the day it was bought.

Gaelen's 180sx Part 2

So with one event under my belt from the last post I made… I was hooked!  Not to say other motorsports aren’t fun, I’ve done Drag racing (in the GTR and the Roadster), and also some autox events over the years.  But this was something different and involved a world I was highly involved with as far as NWN goes and photography goes so the obsession mounted.

Gaelen's 180sx Part 1

Well Part 1 of this is going to be a bit of background on this car.  This car came into my possession after blowing the motor on my first GTR.  I wanted something I was familiar with and could easily work on in the limited space I had available to me.  Since I owned a 92 240sx as my first car and was very familiar with the chassis.  Unfortunately my […]