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Drift Union

PGP Team Tandem – “Team EH”

Logan Noel and Shawn Browne, from Kelowna, BC, Shocked the crowd at PGP with their radical twin entries into the first corner.  A site I have not seen again and am not sure how the did it but I am proud to say I was there to witness it.

Fredric Aasbo @ Formula D Seattle

This was my first event watching this amazing man drive in person, and I have to say it blew my mind!  Mr. Aasbo can DRIVE!  It didn’t matter what part of the track he was on, he absolutely gave it his all and it was a pleasure to see.  Although it was my only opportunity to see him drive this year I am looking forward to seeing more next season.  Keep up the great work!

510 @ Knox Mountain

This particular 510 was parked on corner3 awaiting his groups finish after some engine problems.